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Are you also a big movie freak like me who just can’t live without the drama, action, horror and romance in life? But do you also search for ways to watch the movies for free without paying subscription prices to the OTT platforms? Truth be told, I’ve been watching all the latest and popular movies and web series for free since the lockdown time. Okay, so you want to know how?

Well, my secret to watching free movies is the Telegram movies channels. From Simran and Raj of DDLJ to Iron Man and Spiderman, I watch all the movies for free anytime I want. I even watched Barbie and Oppenheimer in just a few days of their release and that too in a good picture quality. Great deal, isn’t it? 

Let me tell you more about the various Telegram movies channels which enable you to watch your favourite movies and web series for absolutely free. However, you need to first download the Telegram app for that.  

Best Telegram Movies Channels 

These are some of the most popular Telegram channels where you can watch movies from any country or genre by just joining the channel. 

Cinema Company

So, are you a Marvel or DC fan? Do you like Barbie or Oppenheimer more? You haven’t watched them? Why don’t you join this amazing channel on Telegram and watch unlimited Hollywood movies anytime you want? This channel even allows you to ask the admin for specific movies to send to the group. So cool, right? This one is the most popular movie channel on Telegram. 

Movies Empire

This channel has more than 7.5 lakh subscribers! Can you imagine? Whether you want some Bollywood romance in your life, Hollywood action, or regional drama, just join Movies Empire and get connected to unlimited entertainment every day. You can watch your favourite movie or TV show on this channel from any country. 

The Movies Flix

Haven’t you heard of this one also? Omg, guys, where are you living?? This is ‘the most followed channel’ on Telegram. One of the major reasons is that the admin continuously updates the movies and web series on this channel so that the followers don’t get bored watching the same content again and again. Movies Flix provides high-quality movies and web series that you can watch online or download for later. 

Horror Movie Zone

This one is among my favourite Telegram movies channels as I’m a die-hard fan of horror and thrillers. It has the most amazing horror movies in every language, and I really love watching the movie in the original language itself. The dialogue and emotions seem more natural and truthful in the original language. You name any horror movie, and you will find everything here on this channel, like Evil Dead, The Wailing, Wrong Turn or any other. 

Movies Series Channel

If you are more of a web series kind of person, then also this channel is perfect for you to join. You will get to watch not only the movies but amazing web series as well on this channel. From popular ones to the latest ones, all the web series and movies are available in the best picture quality. The admin of this channel is very active and regularly updates the content, which is why it is among the best Telegram movies channels


Whether you want to watch a movie in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, or any other language, iMovieShare has hundreds of movies in every language. And you know what, watching movies and web series is a great way to learn a new language. I learnt some Spanish this way only. So wait no longer and join this channel now. 


Joining Telegram movies channels is a great way to watch all the movies for free that too in the best picture quality. Telegram has always been a popular platform to watch free movies and web series. However, its popularity increased more during the lockdown period when everyone was sitting at home and searching for various sources of entertainment. I even started using Telegram at that time to watch my favourite movies and TV shows. There are a number of Telegram channels which provide movies and web series in every language and from every genre. So whether you are a romance fan, horror fan or a pure action fan, you will get to watch all the unlimited entertainment content anytime and anywhere. And not just this, you will get to watch movies and web series from all over the world, so language is a barrier no more as subtitles will always be there. You can watch your favourite movies online or save them for later. It’s completely up to you. So wait no longer, and download the amazing Telegram movies channels now.

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